titanium ringsThanks to this article that was featured on NationalJeweler.com, I have been researching the tungsten wedding band phenomenon and rise in popularity.

Supposedly, one out of every five wedding bands being sold in America are tungsten wedding bands. The benefits of tungsten wedding bands are simple – it has a very hard surface that doesn’t scratch easily, and it is affordable.

But there are downsides as well – tungsten wedding bands can not be sized and can actually shatter when hit with a hammer. So you just have to decide what’s best for you when considering a tungsten wedding band.

Sounds simple, right?

But now here’s the confusing part. When I go to the popular tungsten wedding band website TungstenWorld.com, I see a lot of rings that are “on sale” for about $179.00 (or in that price range).

But when I go over to Amazon.com, I see what could be considered the same if not very similar tungsten wedding bands for much less expensive. So what’s the difference? Or is there a difference?

It’s the same thing with tungsten bracelets for men. Look at bracelet number one – black tungsten carbide link bracelet that is 16mm wide. The price is $179.00. This tungsten bracelet on Amazon.com is priced in the range of $84.99 – $109.99 depending on the length that you order. The images look very, very similar. So what’s the difference?

Pricing with precious metal jewelry made in the same metals can vary due to the products weight. Wedding bands can be made very light, or with a nice weight and feel. The lighter ones have less metal, and the more substantial bands use more.

bench jewelryCan this assumption be made with tungsten products? And if it is the same products, then why buy at a well known website or even in a jewelry store when Amazon.com has practically the same products for much less?

I have read comments and been told by jewelry store owners that they are buying less precious metal jewelry because tungsten is so hot. Yet isn’t the idea behind a jewelry purchase to buy something that has intrinsic and sentimental value? I think tungsten wedding bands look cool and feel great.

But it just does not sit well with me that consumers that purchased through certain websites or maybe in a jewelry store have bought a product that probably has a wholesale cost of somewhere between $7-$12 (not including rings made with diamonds or gemstones).

In my opinion, that is actually a sad story. Yes – in America everyone has the right to make as much money as possible. However, I have the feeling that once this tungsten wedding band “bubble” bursts, there will be a lot of consumers that will feel cheated because they paid way too much for a product that wasn’t worth that much to begin with.

These consumers may also have bad feelings towards certain websites and in many cases towards the jewelry store that may have sold them their tungsten wedding band. Could there have been a “Great Tungsten Wedding Band Swindle?” I really don’t know, but I do urge consumers to look into this more. As American consumers, we deserve to fully understand the value and benefits of what we are buying.